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[Snape:] (sitting alone, with legs crossed) Where the bloody hell is she?!

[Syn:] (comes running in, breathing heavily) Hi! Whew! Sorry, I'm late! My boyfriend and I- Oh, no. I've said to much...

[Snape:] Sit down, child! I don't have all day!

[Syn:] (sitting down, finally getting her buttons done) Right! So, um... Huh! Yeah! So...

[Snape:] Hurry. Up.

[Syn:] So, how are you today, Professor?

[Snape:] What does it matter to you? Just get on with the interview!

(audience laugh)

[Snape:] What? Since when have we had an audience?

[Syn:] Well, people had been asking me to get them closer to you, so I let them become an audience! I hope you don't mind.

[Snape:] (glaring at audience, who nearly swoon at his sight) As long as we have enough security.

[Syn:] Oh, don't worry! I wouldn't let them get near you!

[Snape:] Indeed (getting out his wand)

[Syn:] Anyway, I want to know what you think of Mr Alan Rickman.

[Snape:] And who is this 'Alan Rickman'?

(audience laugh)

[Snape:] Silence!

(audience immediately shut up)

[Syn:] You know! He's the guy who played you in the movie!

[Snape:] What movie?

[Syn:] Um... the Harry Potter series?

[Snape:] Oh, yes. Quite right. I happen to be Miss Rowling's good friend

(audience gasp)

[Snape:] (glaring) What happens to be wrong with that?

[Syn:] I think they're shocked that you actually have a friend, Sir.

[Snape:] (pouting) What I think of Mr Rickman, you ask? I think his portayal of myself was rather captivating, but I did not approve of my appearance in the movie.

[Syn:] You didn't want to be in the movie?

[Snape:] I didn't want a movie. My being in the book was enough. The least I need is more publicity.

(audience 'awwww')

[Snape:] Quite!

(audience shut up)

[Syn:] I think Harry's friend (the goddess, Miss Rowling) is a superb writer! I personally didn't like the movie and I'm not looking forward to the sequels, but I love the books! Do you agree?

(audience boo)

[Snape:] Indeed. Having a book published specifically about an amateur where I make several appearances have me feeling quite glad that, partially because of this, I have fans.

(audience smile)

[Syn:] Really?

[Snape:] I was being sarcastic!

(audience break out in cries and whispers)

[Syn:] I knew that. Anyhoo, have you seen any of his other movies?

[Snape:] I do not bother with muggle past times

[Syn:] Fair enough. I'll give you my opinion on him, then.

[Snape:] Oh, joy.

(audience snore)

[Syn:] It was a bright, hot day. I was sitting indoors -I fear the heat, you see- when I switched on the black televi-

[Snape:] Synasia! You will not bore me more than you already have!

[Syn:] Fine! I think he's a pretty good actor, but I don't really like his wor- Oof! Hey! Who threw that!

[Audience:] Wasn't me!

[Syn:] (rubbing boo-boo) Anyway, I think he should star in more bigger films. I mean, he's talented enough.

[Snape:] (rolling eyes) Fascinating.

[Syn:] Yep! ^-^ Well, that concludes our interview for toda-

[Snape:] You're actually telling me we've finished an interview without any interrupti-

[Syn:] Sir, it's not nice to interrupt when someone's talking.

(audience boo Syn)

[Syn:] Hey, shut up!

(audience shut up)

[Syn:] Wow, didn't think that'd work.

(audience immedietly pummel Syn with tomatoes)

[Syn:] (guarding herself) Hey! Stop! Stop!

[Snape:] (leaves)

Security hand Syn a basket of vegatables. She immediatly uses them

[Syn:] REVENGE!! Muhahaha!! (chucking vegetables at audience)

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Snape's Chambers -- the funny side of liking Professor Snape