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The section to express the way you feel about the Professor. Send your poems to me and I'll put them up.  

By Tanya

Sexy Snape, oh, Sexy Snape
Please, oh, please tell me what you hide under that cape!

I need to know
Where your sexy bits lie
and what type of man you really are

Your dark eyes
and your greasy hair
You make me want to pull off my underwear!

By Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune: Here are some poems I wrote in Math class. One is a combination of 'Everything' by M2M and Britney Spears's 'I'm a Slave for you.'

Oh, Professor Severus Snape,
Still in my dreams,
You're just so d*mn beautiful;
I'm a slaaaaaave for you!!!

* * *

Snape, every night you're in my dreams
I abandoned all my crushes just to have you
As my one and only
Cos you're so hot and sexy
I could just imagine
You and me
Going out together for a walk in the park
Taking a relaxing stroll
Then sharing a milkshake, a frappe or a soda
Afterwards we'd watch Serendipity or Legally Blonde
Or maybe even Monsters, Inc.
Maybe we could go to the mall
'Cos your immaculate, dashing, charming, divine
Words can't describe my infatuation for ya
I can see the look of love in your eyes
I can hardly wait to throw my arms around you
Oh Professor Snape, we'd be so cute together
And even if my friend blabs out that I have a crush on you
It's okay, I'll even let her blab out all my 14 crushes!
(Oh but don't take it seriously, it's just a joke)

* * *

Eyes as brown as mahogany
Hair as black as ebony
Robes that sway along with the wind
Cool and calm, cold as ice
That's my Snape, I love him so.

* * *

Snape resembles an anime character
That I also adore
He's also cold, cool and calm
But I know he has a soft side
And I'm sure Snape has one too
He's a general, the commander of the army
Like Snape is the head of Slytherin
I bet if both of them paired up
They would rock the world!!!

By Cody

Lucky Words

I am sitting here,
fifth seat in the third row,
my hands spread on the page of my text
as if to absorb the words like braille.
I am doing an excellent impression
of paying rapt attention
to the lecture being delivered,
but it is not the information being consumed???
it is the words themselves,
lucky words,
that whisper across his lips.
He has not spoken in more than a
in all the time I have been in Potions...
I long to be a word he speaks,
to rest for a moment
in the gentle curve of his mouth
and be blown away
in a breath.

By DeathChocobo

Hold me tight
Your as dark as night
Kiss me with your deadly bite

You skin is pale
Your hair so frail
Which curls like a snakey tail

Your voice so dark
But charming as a lark

So sing to me
With your snake-like charms

By Mykerinos)

Approaching you with huge steps,
Like the sun starting to darken at 6.

You know you've done something wrong,
Like you know the world exists.

And you know you will have to pay for it,
Like you know there is such a thing as fright.

When he scowls at you you feel sorry you've looked into his eyes,
Like you feel sorry you've looked into the darkness, even though there was still light.

His personal attack is even worse than you had expected,
Like the night is even worse then the opposite of paradise.

You hear others giggle, feel your head starts reddening,
Like you hear the soft whispering of the night, giving you wrong advice.

The only thing you want is to be left alone,
But it's like hiding from something that will come anyway.

Finally he stops his humiliation,
You can hear your heart beating in the silence.
And it's over.

Drifting off in a whirl of black robes,
Like the night letting you out of her grip.

But you wonder if you will ever come over this,
Like you wonder if there will ever shine light in your heart again.

By Charlotte

Snape is the stars,
the moon
and the sun.
My love for you
has just begun,
and I know
that it will never stop
cause youre heart, I will rob!!!

By Kelly

I go into the room while others take heed,
but I find these lessons a need.

He enters the room with his cloak swooshing behind him,
he runs his finger on the cauldron rim.

He helps me with my Sleeping Potion,
I sigh as I listen to his notion.

by: Emily M.

Walking alone in the dark
Uneasy feelings making it's mark
Hear a silky, smooth voice
Can't help turning
There I see the one that makes dreams worth dreaming

Professor Snape, there he stands
Cold eyes that don't stop staring
His face young that can express anger
A Slytherin smile on his lips

Now I'm nervous
Scared stiff
He just stands there
Staring in vain

He moves close to me
I notice things I never saw before
Eyes that can make a girl feel odd
Arms that make you feel lost
Lips perfect for kissing

I just look at his face
He wraps his arms around my waist
I'm lost in his arms
I hear him whispering to me
I look at him
He looks at me
We kiss, I feel esctasy

"Miss Myers," someone shouts
I shake my head
Aw bloody heck
It was only a dream!

Love Him For Him (Not For What He Does)
By Becky

I walk across the hallway floor
Slowly approaching the potions door

He’s in there, I know him well
I saw him in The Book of Hell

I crept inside his eerie room
The man called Snape would be my groom

I walked up to his turned strong back
He dropped his vile and shouted, "DRAT!"

He slipped and fell right at my feet
He rubbed his rump and said, "My sweet,"

"I’ve missed you so while you’ve been gone."
But I knew he had still to do things wrong

He poured my wine atop my lap
And dried it off with my brand new hat

He began to tell of what had gone on
During the time that I had been gone

But while doing so he belched so loud
It shook the school, lake, and grounds

At that moment he cried and cried
And shouted out, "I wish I’d died!"

But while he did I held him and said
"No, you don’t for if you were dead,

I’d never be able to propose to you."
I knelt down for my love was true.

"Severus," I started, "I love you, you see.
I want nothing more than you to marry me."

He dried his tears and kissed me forever more
"Yes," he said, "You will be mine and I will be yours."

I then told my love "I love you for you."
I told Severus Snape, "Not for what you do."

Ode to a Death Eater
By Angel Hunter

My love keeps watch with coal black eyes
With gaze steadfast and keen
There’s nothing in this world to know
My love has never seen

My love is like a storm cloud high
That doeth the sun remove
Enfolding me inside the warmth
And darkness of his love

My love has voice so passion filled
Like distant thunder’s sound
A word can bring me to my knees
It is to him I’m bound

To those who say that he is dark
Embodiment of ill
To you I say that I must stay
Right here to do his will

E’en through I know he wears the mark
Of darkness on his arm
I am assured inside my heart
He’d never cause me harm

My love is like a raven dark
That flies into the night
Still I will stay here by his side
And sheltered by his might

The Dream
By Angel Hunter

Later one night I heard Him calling
And I tried to go
The room was strange, just where I was
I tell you, I don’t know

From the balcony the garden
Was a tapestry
Cloaked in shadow, bathed in moonlight
Like a fantasy

One more time I heard him call
And I tried to obey
I tried to climb down, but I found
I couldn’t find my way

I tried to say, "Please wait! I’m coming!"
But words were not my friends
The garden shimmered, disappeared
This dream was at an end

Now, every night in dreams I wander
Searching for his call
To spend one night embraced in darkness
I would give my all...

If I Only Had You
By Angel Hunter

It's a pain that's hard to bear
To see you standing there

And to feel my spirit move
With the first bright sparks of love

And then my feelings show
But still my hunger grows

For there's nothing I can do
That would get me close to you

So I lie awake and cry
And wonder just why

I'm alone and so in need
Of your gentle hand to lead me on

To a place I've never been before
A place I always swore
I'd end up someday

So I close my eyes and dream
Of this place I've never been

And of you to lead me on
Even though I'm told it's wrong

But how wrong is it to wish for
Just a piece of what I've missed

For it is all that I can do
For I'll never really have you to

Hold me close
And love me all through the night
I know it'd be alright

If I only had you...

By Emily/Emma

I love Severus,
Yes I do.
He's for me,
and not for you.
So if you try
to take my place,
I'll take my fists,
and smash your face.

By Elena Lemonis

Ooh, my dear Severus,
You can be so dear and cute,
While you are holding me in your arms
And whispering how you love me
And such dear things
In my ear,
I feel so nice and warm
In your hug,
While hearing the rain tapping on the window,
And we fall asleep,
In a hug
Feeling the warmth of love,
Our cheeks touching,
I can feel your warm breath,
Your warm lips on my cheek,
Oh, I wish I never wake up!
I wish you never stop hugging
And loving me...
Good night, my dear Snape...

A Gothic Romance
By D.D.S.

I know I am not slender or pale,
but I am a slytherin,

I know I am kind and strive to please others before myself,
but I am destined to Be with Severous,

I know I have generous hips and thighs like lopez,
but He loves me,

I Feel Like his Gothic Queen,
and He my King,

We hold eachothers hands in the moonlight's bask,
but nothing more,

We stare into eachother's eyes,
but nothing more,

Then his silky voice begins my favourite line from a beloved sonnet;
'And yet, by heaven,
I think my love as rare as any,
she belied with false compare'.

And we draw close, our arms between our chests, and our foreheads touching.
I beg the night to encourage him to kiss me, for I am afraid.

Our gothic Romance is like non-other.

Severus Snape In Love
By Stardust Muun

Dark as midnight’s blackest hour -
His facial expression slightly dour
He walks in silence - gentle grace
The moonlight flickers on his face.
Amid the cemetery stones
And crackling sound of ancient bones.
The shrill screech of a winging bat
The scurrying of a frightened rat.
He’ll gather things to make his potions
And powerthem by strong emotions
Direct them by his forceful will
And simmer them at last until...
The maiden he desires shall fall
Into his arms and be his thrall -
Ensnared by love from potion’s brew
You best watch out - it could be YOU.

By Chels

His thin lips so sweet,
His touch so lovely to me,
we must meet,
for all eternity.
Our skin must touch,
if not for just a moment,
I'll never forget the such,
I hope to god he won't.
His eyes,
so filled with pain and agony,
filled with lies,
of utter blasphomie.
How could he live like this?
This man so brave,
Horrible, thats what it is,
him, treated like a slave.
Yet, he held his head high,
proud, and strong!
He knew he would fly,
away from all this wrong.
But soon the darkness took over,
and he found no escape,
not even a little cover,
from this mental rape.
My feelings are true,
for my dearest,
For you,
my fear is,
you shall reject me,
and you shall never be,
as I always see,

Hikau Poem for Snape
By Werewolf

Black eyes penetrate
The minds of new students
Frightening them all.

He spews insults and
Sarcasm behind black hair
Curtaining his face.

As he stares down his
Over large aquline nose
A sneer crosses him.

"Detention," he spat
From his thin, sneer curled lips
At that Potter boy.

By Freakaru

Severus, you nut,
Oh, why do I adore thee?
Your hair, Eyes, Nose! *drool*

By Debz

He, the god of love, enters the scene,
if only he could see us scream.
To he we would helplessly kneel,
how do you think that would make him feel...?

I long for his gentle touch,
am I asking for too much?
We all just want the same.
Our minds torture us
in this game...

But what we all can't see,
is the plain and simple reality.
We will never gain his heart,
the thought makes me fall apart.

Honestly, it's true,
there's no hope... for me or you.
He is just a fantasy,
you knew all along,
it could never be...

By Serenity Snape

How can one dare to speak your name,
When all you do is take my breathe away,
You are misunderstood and forced to dwell in this world alone,
But you are not alone. I am here too,
I would like to comfort and soothe you,
You claim to be dark and mysterious,
I am too,
We are both loners,
I am right for you,
Emotions stir when I hear your name aloud,
And Severus,
I do not pity you,
I care for you,
You need someone to take care of you,
Someone to be gentle to,
Let me call your name,
And save you from the dark,
All you have to do,
Is trust in me,
And silently,
Without a fight,
Let me help you find the light...

Snape's Chambers -- the funny side of liking Professor Snape