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Other sites based on Snape. I'll only link to you if you link to me. It's only fair and gives you twice the publicity (ok, maybe not, but don't spoil the moment :p) If you wanna see your site here, mail me.  

Severus Snape's Office and Rooms Really well layed out. Check out the Mirror of Erised. What will you seeee?
Nasubionna's Shrine to Severus Snape I like it. There's a lot of things to do. It'll keep you busy and entertained at the same time. She also has shrines to other HP characters. Nice fanart.
Severus Snape's Slytherin Society I like her drawings, too. Has fiction and it's kinda interesting. Roam about. It's more of a place to talk about the Snapester.
Snape Captures A brilliant site with a load of sexified Snape pics! She provides a Severus in action, baby! You just gotta love those movie clips! Also has some stuff on Rickman.
Severus Snape Fan Club Also known as the Sexy, Sensual, Seductive Severus Snape Society. It's a funny site with hilarious poetry! Has pictures, quotes and also has a thing for Alan Rickman
The Severus Snape Potrait Gallery Lovely place, beautiful layout. Gotta love the frames around her pictures of Snape!
Snape Silverlining Beautiful site. Has fics, fan art, music and Alan Rickman
Snape Movie Pictures A totally creative site (or pages) with pics of the Snapester. But that's not all. They have captions underneath the pics, suggesting what Snape might be thinking at the time. Totally cool site! I advise it to the ones who need a laugh!
Darkness: A Shrine to Severus Snape Has humour, info, pics and more. Check it out.
The Professor Snape/Nine Inch Nails Connection The title says it all. A page of how similar Snape is to one of the members of NIN. Very convincing!
Snape Darkness "Welcome to Snape Darkness, the only site to have Snape moderating it. Be ready for.. a ..well.. as much fun as he'll allow." Give it a whirl!
Death Eaters and their Prey This site is MAGNIFICENT! Has beautiful art and lovely layout! You're so gonna love this site. It also has fiction and... just check it out!
Snape's Dungeons Gorgeous webpage with tons of info on Harry Potter and co.
Snape the Smouldering Sexbomb Has pics, quotes, facts and Alan Rickman. A typical Snape site ^_^
The Dark Mark Have you been touched by darkness? Are you marked by the potions Master as surely as if you had been branded by Lord Voldemort himself? Yes? Then what are you waiting for? Get your backside to this site!
Severus Snape's Dungeon of Darkness Has fanfic, fan art and an active Ask Snape! Check it out. You won't be disappointed
Billowing Black Robes My friend's site. Be nice! Has her art, fics and... Ask Snape!
Snape Obsession I had noooooo idea this site was linked to me! Check it out! I'm serious, this is site is really fun!
Down - A Shrine to Severus Snape This site is awesome! Has art, fics, music, anything to feed your needs! I have to admit, I was left drooling just looking at it!
Snape Wallpapers The chick who owns this page loves playing about with images. She's used the DVD and posters to make these wonderful wallpapers. Totally worth the visit.
The Adventures of Chibi Snape Need I say more? This site has a really funny manga on the adventures of Snape - Chibi-style! Go here to turn all puppy-eyes at the pictures.
Nevermore A site dedicated to Mr Rickman and Snape. Has galleries, biographies and everything else. Damn, it's big!
Why Snape A very interesting site. It goes 'behind the scenes' of Snape, trying to figure out just who he is and why we like him. Check it out. Something psychological for ya. ;P
Forbidden Love: Lily Evans and Severus Snape The only Lily/Snape shipper out there (trust the webmistress, she's looked). It has a pretty neat layout with stuff to keep you preoccupied - fanart, fiction, icons...
Snape's Sanctum Sanctorum A site purely for those who love his complexity. Add your own theories and check out the fics.

Snape's Chambers -- the funny side of liking Professor Snape