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Snape's Chambers -- the funny side of liking Professor Snape  
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Ever thought of marrying the Snapester (probably not, but hey...)? Here's a marriage prospective to make up your mind. For all the ladies out there. *big, stupid grin*  

Looks: Greasy hair which you can wash for him. Hooked nose which may get in the way of *cough.* His sallow, pale skin indicates that he's not had much sunlight. In other words, he's stayed in the dark! *hint, hint!* Yet, he's unusually attractive

Smarts: Very clever! I mean, he can mix potions! What else do you need to know?! He also knows when Potter's to blame. He's never wrong when Potter's around!

Personality: He's cruel, sarcastic, sardistic, hot, rude. What's not to like?

Skills: Being so darn good looking! Yeah, I know, you haven't seen my version of Severus. Don't worry, he's not a pretty boy. I think he's skill is keeping a grudge, holding his pride and being interesting. What about you?

Abilities: Let me see...he can walk, talk, breathe. Oh, I know! Mixing potions. That's a pretty cool ability!

Competition: Those people who 'think' they know Severus! Some of us chicks are hardcore babes, so we'd all be willing to fight for our man! Hiyah!

In-Laws: We don't know. But it'll be pretty neat if Dumbledore was a long, lost grandfather, or something... Yep, I've ruined your vision of Snape, haven't I? Dang shame when that happens

Economics: Gets paid loads to be the malicious Potions Master of Hogwarts! Well, he better or Dumbledore'll have a boxed-in face! j/m!

Sex: Probably be rough, tough and be done anywhere he pleases! No matter how much fun you two will have, he'll never admit it. He'll make the excuse, 'That wasn't good enough, Woman! This round should me!' Anything to do it again! Awww!

Overall: Who'd say no to a hot professor? Who'd say no to take on a risk in having sex with a teacher? Then again, that competition of his will be something to deal with. So, proceed with extreme caution...

Incase you're wondering, the men in white are right beside me. ;)

Snape's Chambers -- the funny side of liking Professor Snape