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Snape's Chambers -- the funny side of liking Professor Snape  
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The evil-turned-good wizard who everyone loves... er... LIKES! Likes!! (I hope he didn't see that).  

Among the dark and dreary dungeons there lurks a liquid shadow of the name, Severus Snape. He is one of the most equivocal and somewhat controversial professors at the school, who Potter fans either adore or detest. He can captivate a class effortlessly by a single glare or mannerism, radiating an air of venom and authority.

The majestical rhythm of his words and hypnotic presence crawls slowly into one's veins, leaving an unforgettable residue behind. His fathomless eyes, two black orbs, difficult to decipher. Although he often appears cold, he is fiery and passionate and his intuitive senses add to his addictive curiousness. His voice, which can be so entrancingly soft one moment, has the ability to burst into something loud and powerful - vibrating through any soul.

A strong sense of determination and loyalty is felt upon his own part and his depth is truly seductive and beautiful. He never seems to leave the castle and seems rather dependant on Dumbledore's help, suppport and trust.

Although he often keeps childish grudges and is distinguished for his nasty side, he seems to remain loyal to Dumbledore. His nature is untrusting and it seems to find it difficult to become close to people. However, his solitary and often cruel behaviour has led him to be the object of high suspicion among the Hogwarts students.

Good points: brave, loyal, complex, hardworking, mysterious, intelligent, witty, highly skilled, talented, sarcastic, ingenious
Bad points: Holds grudges, bullies students, nastiness, trivially serious, short tempered, likes getting people in trouble, picks favourites
Names: Professor Snape, Severus, Snape, The Potions Master, greasy haired git,
Appearance: Long black greasy hair, deliciously swishing robes and seductive liquid black cloak. A long hooked nose and fathomless pitch black eyes, which makes one think of tunnels.
Past: Little is known about his past, yet many speculate that it would have been one of unhappiness. Clever and ambitious, he was famous for the Dark Arts at school and according to Sirius, he knew more spells than half the 7 years when he first began. Not just the average boy, then!

He went to school with James Potter and he hated him along with his group of friends. He was nearly killed by Lupin, in werewolf form, after Sirius told him how to get to him. Fortunately James saved his life and he has been in his debt ever since. He was sworn never to tell anybody Lupin's secret, yet after 15 years he revealed it to the school. He believed that Remus was in on the trick and that it had been planned by the Marauders. However, due to his detestaion of James, his hate has been transferred to his son -- Harry Potter.

Snape has never forgotten or forgiven Sirius or Lupin for this incident.

He was a former Death Eater, yet turned to Dumbledore's side to spy at great personal risk, before Voldemort's Downfall. No one knows why he turned to Dumbledore's side and his loyalty is often questioned by others. Dumbledore is very sure that Snape is still on his side and he will carry on working for them, now that Voldemort has returned...

There is a lot to speculate about his past and future, and there are many missng parts which needs filling in to complete the mysterious puzzle of Professor Snape.

Likes: Slytherin House and supposedly the Defense Against the Dark Arts post.
Dislikes: Harry Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Voldemort, Gryffindor, Gilderoy Lockhart, Pink, love potions, Neville, Neville's Grandmother's dress sense, anyone who's not his friend, generally a lot of things....
Rumours: He has gone back to spy for Dumbledore by gaining his trust again, by either being or not being in the Ring of Death Eaters, that nasty night...(far too obvious in my opinion...)

Snape will fall in love in book seven

Snape's Chambers -- the funny side of liking Professor Snape