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Snape's Chambers -- the funny side of liking Professor Snape  
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How Obsessed With Professor Snape ARE You?
Check all boxes for which your answer is 'yes'.
The 'submit' button is at the bottom.

  1. Have you had a dream about Severus?
  2. Have you had a SEXUAL dream about Severus?
  3. Do you call him 'Severus' when you talk about him?
  4. Do you dress in black, even on the hottest of days?
  5. Do you use the word 'Snape' in your everyday use of language?
  6. Do you own multiple files with nothing but Snape pics?
  7. Do you daily use gel to make your hair look greasy?
  8. Do you visit mostly Snape-related websites?
  9. Have you found yourself staring lustfully at Snape's butt, even though he wears robes which block out your view of his butt?
  10. Does your computer theme consist of nothing but Snape sounds, wallpaper, start up and shut down images, and icons?
  11. Have you made your very own, life size Snape blow up doll?
  12. Have you often wondered why a hot, dark, mysterious and mentally stable guy like Severus isn't the star of Harry Potter?
  13. Do you go to this web site (Snape's Chambers) more than one time a day just to get your daily dose of Snapeness?
  14. Have you nealry, almost died in a fight with a school bully trying to get a nose just like Snape's?
  15. Do you jump up and scream whenever you hear the word 'Snape'?
  16. Do you write and read Snape fiction?
  17. Do you wish you were JK Rowling so you could give Severus a partner? Namely, you?
  18. Have you fallen in love with Alan only after you saw the movie?
  19. Do you beat on anyone who gives a small, yet bad, remark about Snape?
  20. Do you call Severus yours when people ask for you boyfriend's name?
Snape's Chambers -- the funny side of liking Professor Snape