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Snape's Chambers -- the funny side of liking Professor Snape  
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[Syn:] Hello and welcome to the show! Here we have Professor Snape, the ugliest teacher at Hogwarts!

[Snape:] I'd prefer it if you could refrain from using such insulting language during this interview, or I will be forced to leave.

[Syn:] (staring at his nose) Yes, yes. I... agree....

[Snape:] Are you paying attention to me?! Or are you gaping at my nose?!

[Syn:] Wha... What? (snapping back to reality) Oh no, I was just admiring.... your.... hair.

[Snape:] (narrowing eyes) What are you implying?

[Syn:] Alright, alright! What made you decide to be... be... a.... nose....? (mesmerised by nose)

[Snape:] What?! You're staring at my nose, again!! Synasia, do cease this behaviour!

[Syn:] Nose... big.... bent.... wrinkled..... shampoo....

[Snape:] Silence! A detention is in order for this!!

[Syn:] (still mesmerised) Nose... big... hypnotising... nose....

[Snape:] See me at eight! I will not tolerate this! (beginning to leave)

[Syn:] (snaps back to reality) Oh... what? Welcome to the show Professor Sna- Wooooah! What happened to your face?

[Snape:] (pissed) YOU happened to be mesmerized by my... looks. To be more specific, my aquiline nose.

[Syn:] Nose? Oh, nooose.... nose.... big.... nose.....

[Snape:] Enough! I will be seeing you tonight! (storms off)

[Syn:] Hooke- what? Oh, must be time for my interview! Where's the Professor? That bastard! He's late!

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Snape's Chambers -- the funny side of liking Professor Snape