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Snape's Chambers -- the funny side of liking Professor Snape  
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[Syn:] Welcome back to another one of my wonderful interviews! I'm sure you were dying for more, no? Well, I know you were! Say hello to our guest, Professor Snape!

[Snape:] (just staring at her like she's lost it)

[Syn:] Rightio. Sir, today we will be discussing your personality.

[Snape:] What is there to discuss? Every individual has there own unique personality.

[Syn:] Huh? (gets out dictionary) Ooooh, right! Yeah, but that's WHY you're here. To discuss YOUR unique personality.

[Snape:] (mumbling) I tried to trick you, but to no avail...

[Syn:] Quit it with the big words!!

[Snape:] (narrows eyes)

[Syn:] Anyhoo, on with the show!

[Snape:] ...


[Syn:] Well?

[Snape:] -_-' Synasia, you're supposed to ask me several questions. That's why this is called an 'interview'.

[Syn:] Huh? (whips out dictionary) Ooooh, right! Got ya! *wink* So, sir, let's begin! Why are you... well, just down right mean?

[Snape:] I beg your pardon?!

[Syn:] Here (hands him dictionary)

[Snape:] (chucks dictionary away) I wa-

[Syn:] Hey! That cost me money, you know!

[Snape:] For the love of- I'll get you another one! Just continue with the show!

[Syn:] You better! Anyway, why are you such a bastard?

[Snape:] Well, I guess you could call me a pickle.

[Syn:] How so?

[Snape:] I happen to be sour - like a pickle - and my emotions always seem to be bottled up and difficult to release - like a pickle.

[Syn:] I see. But is there a reason to you being a pickle?

[Snape:] I cannot, and will not, reveal that much of myself through this interview. My apologies, Synasia, but you understand?

[Syn:] No... no, not really.

[Snape:] Very well, is this over?

[Syn:] Not quite. I still need to ask of you how you manage to go day by day with harsh insults being flown behind your bac- Oh, my God! (realizes she's using big words) (points at Snape) What have you done to me?!

[Snape:] (annoyed) Goodbye, Synasia. (getting ready to leave)

[Syn:] Why can I not cease to use this high quality of vocabulary? Noooooooo!! What is to become of me?

[Snape:] Are you quite done?

[Syn:] I WANT TO LIV- no, not quite. LIVE, I SAY!

[Snape:] (leaves)

Security drag Syn away, who's screaming big words

[Syn:] Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!

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Snape's Chambers -- the funny side of liking Professor Snape